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Work injury prevention training will be carried out and safety protection nets will be built
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        "How should the company do a job injury prevention? What preventive measures should be taken for workplace accidents?" On October 14, the Human Resources Department of CICA organized more than 40 representatives of the company's management personnel and interns, and gave them a "customized" course on work-related injury prevention knowledge.

        The training begins with common industrial injury cases in manufacturing enterprises. Through case analysis and other forms, the training staff can popularize the prevention skills of industrial injury, publicize the latest production safety laws and regulations, and ensure that the training staff can understand and actually apply in the work. This training has enhanced the awareness of work-related injury prevention and enhanced the ability of work-related injury prevention for employees of the company.

        Work injury prevention is an important measure to reduce the occurrence of work-related accidents and ensure the safety and development of the company from the source. "In the next step, the administration and human resource department of the company will strengthen the linkage with all departments and workshops, continue to carry out a series of various forms of work-related injury prevention publicity and daily supervision work, effectively prevent the occurrence of work-related accidents from the source, and ensure the life safety and health of workers".