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Working together to fight the epidemic -- CICA visits the frontline responders
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Cica visited the anti-epidemic workers in Xinyuan community, Hexi Street

       On October 28, 2022, which is its science and technology co., LTD., the party branch to which economic development zone party committee are introduced two new plague staff, hexi new garden street community, through the open area dancing water covering the epidemic prevention and control points, donated milk, rice pudding, daily supplies, such as mineral water, instant noodles, charcoal to cramming resistance to disease in the front-line staff gratitude and sympathy.

Cica visited the anti-epidemic personnel of the two new comprehensive Party committees in the Economic development Zone

        Since which outbreak, struggle hard fearless, resistance to disease in the frontline staff escort for the majority of the people's life safety, especially the epidemic situation in very severe cases, the disease resistant staff s home for everyone, regardless of day and night stand in the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control of the epidemic in front of the bear, very period show great love, This spirit of perseverance without fear or retreat is worth learning from each of us.

        "At the moment of the epidemic, as an enterprise, we should also fulfill our social responsibilities. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all sectors of society, we will win the battle against the epidemic as soon as possible," said Jin Daidong, secretary of the Party branch of CICA.

Cica visited the first-line anti-epidemic personnel of Wushui Five Bridges in the opening area

        Since the outbreak of this round, the whole city has worked together to fight the epidemic. Cica will resolutely cooperate with the government to implement the prevention and control directives and go all out to fight the epidemic.