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Automotive Electronics

Under the guidance of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles, the conversion of electric power in the field of vehicle is facing new technical challenges. The magnetic device design has great influence on the efficiency, power conversion system, weight and cost. Based on market demand, YAXIN magnetoelectric design and provide solutions for magnetic components, which can be applied to automobiles and electric vehicles, so as to achieve optimal frequency and temperature under different conditions.

Application Product
ER/EC power transformerER/EC power transformer4.00--1420Wpower transformer10.5x12.0x7.0ER9.5~EER49-
EFD power transformerEFD power transformer3.00--320Wpower transformer20.5x18.0x8.0EFD12~EFD50-
EE power transformerEE power transformer1.3--1560Wpower transformer-EE5~EE65-
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